Easy backup solutions for newbies :)

I know there is a similar post over here: https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-135538.html

One of the answers provided is “The absolute best, gold standard, of automated WP backups is VaultPress.com - $5/month.”

I am not looking for a perfect solution on a daily basis. Just something to click once in a while or a very simple service–which is not that expensive.

Does DreamHost backup suffice to fulfil this need? Can I restore a broken Wordpress site from a DH backup?

What else would you recommend?

DH backups will be able to restore a broken WP site if you backup your account, or backup the user. Use those options in your Control Panel. But even though DH will do their best, I don’t think there’s any guarantees.

As with any computer backup, having at least one redundant backup is good because “stuff happens”.

There’s a bunch of wordpress plugins that can help you with this to make either local backups or backup to other servers. I do manual backups to Google Drive and keep a local backup also.

I might suggest searching Duplicator or UpdraftPlus as 2 options, but there’s a number of free & pro plugins that do a good job.

Note that restoring from automated backups via the Panel don’t work, and haven’t worked for quite some time: https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-137155.html

It’s worth mentioning that Dreamhost shared does give you the option of a “Backup User”, which gives you 50 Gig free FTP storage on a different server. You could use a WP plugin to send a site backup there.

I’ve done account backups, that provide me with sql & user .gz to download but they do expire from the servers. I’ve never needed to use the restore function in but I guess the button shouldn’t be there if it doesn’t work :open_mouth:

$5 a month is not expensive. It’s a latte a month from a frou-frou place. I personally recommend VaultPress if you have a WP only site. They’re worth it. Otherwise, you can make your own backups manually. I rsync my files down locally, and scripted a DB export in the same file, so I get the files and a copy of my DB.