East coat vs. West Coat vs. VPS?

My company and our clients are almost 100% west coast, yet some of our dreamHost accounts have been moved to east coast servers.

Around the time of the move, we (think?) we have seen slower performance, e.g. worse ping times and lower download bandwidth.


  1. Is it possible to get DH to move our servers back to the West coast, and if so would that help?

  2. If not, would a VPS give us any guarantee of better overall server performance (latency and/or bandwidth?)

Thanks for your advice…

In the past dreamhost has been quite happy to move your account on request. I don’t know if their current offerings are as geographically distributed as they once were however. Open a ticket and ask for a west coast data center and come back and let us know what happened.

Also, I wondered when I read your post if you’re suffering from the web-server on the east coast, mySQL server is on the west coast scenario. I don’t know why dreamhost doesn’t autoflag a problem when moves end up with that scenario, but it seems you have to notice and ask for that not to be.