Easily Create Dev Sites


Hello team. It is frustrating for us that DH doesn’t have a staging site service or tools outside dreampress. I would love the ability to easily (read effortlessly) be able to clone a live site into a dev site so we can test and play on it without risking the live site. PLEASE bring this capability to the VPS users or as an add on! I cannot tell you how valuable this would be for us!


You can just copy whatever you want to a roboted-out directory and test.

Do it all on your local machine then upload. Voila!


Thank you for your opinion, however, I think you are missing my point.


Well my point is you don’t need Dreamhost to create a “staging site.” You can easily do that yourself.


I sometimes need to do this and use a sub domain, it serves as a useful disasster recovery test and resource.


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