Easiest WordPress Multi Install?



Ok - I will try to make this as fast and easy as possible. I am a teacher and am going to teach advanced 6th graders how to become web authors using the CMS WordPress. I want each student to have their own WP space that they are admins on and have complete control. The school district has blocked wordpress.com (don’t ask - I will have to blow a gasket. again) I have many sites hosted here on DH that are not blocked via the school district. I was thinking of hosting multiple WP sites as subdomains and getting them installed prior to starting with them and giving each student their own user and pass per blog and then teaching them how to customize / add content etc.

I am going to be working with approx 24 students over a 2 week period.

Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!



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These links should help:

Wordpress MU

Dreamhost Wiki article on Wordpress MU

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rlparker suggested Lyceum as potentially being easier to manage.

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BTW, what about Blogger? Or have they blocked that too?

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Wow! “complete control” offered to a 6th grader on a shared hosting platform? While I wish you every success with your project, I hope they place your site(s) on a different server than the one I am on! :wink: .

Seriously, it sounds like a great plan, but I would rethink the control aspects just a bit (depending on exactly what you mean when you say complete). That said, seiler’s suggestions about WordPress MY are good, though I would point you to The Lyceum Project which is based on WordPress code, but has a different (and, in my opinion, better suited for use on a shared server!) design structure. It is also much easier to install on DreamHost.

For all practical intents and purposes the students’ retain “complete control” of their blogs, but the central management functions (control of the blog as in turning it “on” or “off”) will stay with you.

Of course, if you really meant “complete control” than the best way to do that would be to make each blog it’s own complete website (student.domainname.tld) , running under its own user “studentname”, and with it’s own “one-click” install of WordPress - DreamHost accounts offer adequate functionality for that type of deployment.

Good luck with your project.


**edit - oops! I got distracted while typing this post, and now see that lensman already suggested Lyceum - sorry 'bout that!


I have tried just about every blog platform that is fully hosted by one of the big companies and they are all blocked… :frowning:

The districts say you must use technology in the classroom but give no resources at all…wonder why the US is behind in tech etc…

Imagination is more important than knowledge

~A. Einstein


You hit exactly what I am looking for. You stated it MUCH better then I did though. I am going to try the install right now and see how it goes.


Imagination is more important than knowledge

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I have spent that last several hours and am completely unsuccessful at getting this to work. I am going to try this tutorial:



Imagination is more important than knowledge

~A. Einstein


Hmmm…I installed lyceum in about 10 minutes just using the docs that came with the package, and experienced no problems with it on DreamHost.

I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems! If you care to share the particulars of your problems, I’m happy to try to help.

I’m not familiar with that tutorial, but I’m sure it can’t hurt to try it.