Easiest way to move installs to new domain?

I have a domain name that’s about to expire, and I don’t have any particular need for it anymore, so I think I’ll take the ten bucks and buy myself a big block of cheese :). I do have a few things on there that I would like to keep, though. Namely a wordpress install in a subfolder of the site… I know it would be pretty straightforward to copy the ftp content to a new subdomain, but what about the database? what’s the easiest way to do that? i imagine i could go into phpmyadmin and export or somesuch (haven’t been in there much so don’t know my way around) but I just wanted to see if there was a quicker solution than that.

The database doesn’t need to move. That domain is just an alias for where all of your database are stored. Just make sure you have database host names associated with the good domain in the Panel under Goodies -> Manage MySQL. As you’ll see, your databases aren’t associated with a hostname. Just use one of the ones listed at the top in your configuration file.


ah k… now it has a list of the hostnames… do i just ignore that or do i have to create a new hostname?

i have 2 wp installs on the expiring domain… in the hostnames i have mysql.productivesmog.com and mysql2.productivesmog.com which correspond to a ‘prosmo’ and ‘idealogue’ database in the list… but i don’t see how to modify the hostname/association. the only option when i go to ‘modify’ the db is to change the name…

There’s no association. Your just Add a new hostname to what is really an alias list. They all reside on MACHINE.dreamhost.com, so an expiring domain doesn’t make it go away. But you will need to add that new hostname for a valid domain so you can start referring to MACHINE.dreamhost.com by your new domain’s hostname.


i was suspecting that. so if i’m setting up a subdomain of an alrdy existing domain i would just click add hostname and type in that subdomain? what if i wanted to host the wordpress in a subdirectory of a domain that already has wp in its main domain?

The database host alias has to be completely new. Not a subdomain you already have. I name mine something like db.example.com. If you point a web browser to that subdomain, you’ll get the phpMySQL admin interface that’s password protected.


I think you should just edit the config.php ( it should be smt like this) and change the root dir from “/” to “/subdir”

Of course you should move all the files in the subdir!