Earthlink's Domain Pointers


I want to move hosting for a friend’s site from Earthlink to my Dreamhost account. I have done this before & basically know how, but when I log in to Earthlink’s Control Panel area, there is no obvious link to the Domain Pointers, which I would need to change to Dreamhost’s, obviously. Makes me wonder if Earthlink is in “Stop Loss” mode? After all, they are charging $20 per month for not much, and maybe people are leaving all the time. Does anyone have experience with accessing the Domain Pointers in Earthlink’s Registration Controls?


I don’t know for sure, because I don’t use Earthlink, but maybe you are looking for the wrong thing. Did you try looking for “nameservers”?



I tried a quick search through Earthlink support pages and couldn’t find technical details on domain registration. The most I found was domain registrations as part of a package deal with hosting.

Uh, if it’s been more than 60 days, one could transfer their registration to DreamHost. If one finds out how to get the Auth code from Earthlink and how to approve the transfer.



Yes, I think you saw the same thing - the lack of transparency and accessibility. It’s a shame. Earthlink used to be great.