Earthlink email - expecting too much?

hi all,
around a month ago, i lost the ability to send email to customers with earthlink email addresses from my dreamHost account. earthlink is blocking the dreamHost mail server’s IP address for whatever reason.

now, i understand that earthlink is rather aggressive in blocking suspect mail servers.

so i opened a ticket with dreamHost support.

on to my questions: #1 is anyone else experiencing this problem? i find it hard to imagine i am alone in this situation. #2 am i expecting too much of dreamHost to expect them to get their server off the earthlink block list? i finally got an email from dreamHost support last friday saying the block would be removed within 24-48 hours. of course, it has not; and i’m not getting any response from dreamHost support, despite emailing them as per their request.

so is it unreasonable for me to expect to be able to email to earthlink at this point? i’m curious about others thoughts.


Hello proseLA,

We are very sorry for the inconvenience we have tried to contact Earthlink but we have not heard back from them and this is the biggest part of the delay. Since we basically have to wait for them to get back to us the mail block will stay in place until they do. Once the block has been removed we will update you as long as you have an open ticket.


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