Eamil subject lines

Fairly new to DH and Squirrelmail. I’ve found that Squirrelmail is adding “SPAM” labels to most of my incoming email. Very frustrating to reply to folks and have to edit the subject lines each time. I haven’t set up any blockers or filters so I’m not sure how it’s configuring this.

Any one with experience, thoughts?


In Squirrelmail, click on Options at the top and pick SpamAssassin Configuration. There’s a Tag option that may be the cause of the SPAM label.


It is strange, as I haven’t touched the spamassassin to ensure I knew what I was doing before I started using it, so there is nothing in the SpamAssassin config.
Was willing to wade through everything until I knew enough and will likely keep at that plan until I know exactly how, and have enough time, to deal with it. Strange as I’m getting the label with the addresses that I have set up to filter and have TB check as well as the catch-all address too.