eAccelerator wiki page outdated


I just tried to install eAccelerator after enabling custom php 5.3, but when I tried to follow instructions on this Wiki page http://wiki.dreamhost.com/EAccelerator#php.ini_modifications I found out that when eacinstall.sh file tries to download eacaccellerator it doesn’t find it. URL is not correct, therefore installation fails.


eAccelerator is pretty much dead these days. Unless there’s some specific reason you need it, I’d recommend trying out XCache or APC instead.


Really? So why does cPanel offer a built-in eAccelerator installer? Also, in my personal experience, it seems to be somewhat more stable than xCache. But to each his/her/their own. :slight_smile:



cPanel does a lot of things which aren’t considered best practices. A lot of cPanel hosts still offer FrontPage Extensions, for instance, which Microsoft abandoned back in 2005.

If you’re still dead set on using eAccelerator, though, it looks as though the project has moved to https://eaccelerator.net/. Check around for a download link there.


I’d love to hear more specifics about cPanel. :slight_smile: