E-mails getting deleted, no warning

My e-mails are getting deleted from my main IMAP account. I lost all of my e-mails from November. I did not auto-archive, I’m using Microsoft Outlook.

I have it set to a 2000 inbox max. I only have 400+ emails in my inbox right now. And about 700+ in my sent folder.

I also have it set to give me a message when my inbox is full. Also it should be redirecting all of my overflow into another folder I set up. None of that happened.

Please help.

That isn’t good!
Let’s see if there is anything we can do to assist!
If you can provide me with a domain name or account number associated with the account being affected by this I’d be more than happy to investigate.

Sounds like DH does back up emails?

Hi Justin, the domain name is @tylerweststudio.com. Thanks for looking into it!

Hi there,

I went ahead and tested one of the email addresses associated with tylerweststudio.com. I was not able to replicate the error you received as far as email deletion. Can you email our support team with some details (specifically which address you’re having trouble with), so we can investigate? http://bit.ly/SlXpjh

Thanks so much!


Hey hey!

No problem at all! Looks like our support team emailed you about an hour ago. Please reply there directly with any follow-up questions/concerns you might have. Thanks so much for your cooperation! :slight_smile: