E-Mail User Name


When in the Manage E-mail function it use to show me the user name to use in outlook, like m9034567 or so. I don’t see that now and I am trying to set up a new e-mail address in Outlook. Anyone know where I find the username to use for Outlook?


DH stopped using those usernames. Use the email address to login. If that doesn’t work I would suggest contacting support.


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DreamHost was has been phasing out the use of the m123456 account names, and for quite some time now you have been able to use fulladdress@yourdomain.tld in place of the m123456 email user name to log in, even in Outlook.

http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Outlook See item #4 :wink:



Yep, for new accounts at least … some old accounts still have those names associated with mail users though. :wink:



I did not know that. I think I must have missed some newsletters again. However, I always use full email address as user name because it is a problem for me to remember those numbers. It’s easier to remember my name :stuck_out_tongue:

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