E-mail setup question


i avidly followed the “outlook pop3” thread, to no avail.

i set up a new e-mail account in the control panel last night, and the clock icon indicating new account never went away. i couldn’t logon to the new account using Webmail or Outlook.

I deleted the account this morning, and set up another one, and I’m having the same problem. No webmail access, “Unknown user or password incorrect,” and certainly no Outlook access.

Am I doing something profoundly stupid? I don’t think so, because I’m pretty smart.


Same problem here too. Can’t login to the webmail, also with pop3 too.

I have no such issues with either of my mail enabled domains. Both IMAP and webmail work just fine. As I understand it webmail uses IMAP so we might be seeing a POP3 server issue.

You probably should report it to support.



I have another mail from another domain, both hosted on dh. And this e-mail does work. But I’ve created a new one with an another domain. The new one doesn’t work, i can only reach


but not

webmail.blabla.com, and with pop3 too.

I should wait a couple hour, if nothing happend else, than i will report this issue.

I do know that they use multiple servers for mail (which causes all kinds of problems) and maybe you’re just catching a sick one with that other domain.

Good luck!


Ok, now it’s working :slight_smile: It’s fixed byself.

Farslan–Does “fixed byself” mean you fixed it by yourself or it fixed itself? If you have any directions, that would be great.

It fixed itself. I don’t do anything. The clock picture suddenly diseappear. After that i could login with the webmail.

yeah, my e-mail address is still pending.

wtf, mate?

If it takes longer than a couple of hours or so for the little clock icon to vanish, contact support explaining the situation, I am sure they will be able to hurry things along.


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ntf. just we need a little bit of patient

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It looks like there was a problem that was fixed recently. You can get some details at dreamhoststatus.com. That’s usually a good place to go when things aren’t working. (except relationships, it’s not very useful for that).