E-mail Setup Help

Hello all. I’ve recently just completed transferring my domain from my grandfathered server to the DreamHost one.

I’m trying to get my e-mail working though and am somewhat confused.

My ISP provided me with an E-mail Address which I have had all of mydomain.com e-mail forwarding to over the past few years.

The ISP e-mail ddmchadREMOVETHIS@telusplanet.net account is still active. I have one of my business e-mail accounts chad@mydomain.com successfully forwarding to my TELUS ISP account now through DreamHost, but I have a few others I use as well. info@mydomain.com and ddm@mydomain.com. I also have a few other partners who I had e-mail setup at user@mydomain.com.

  1. How do I get the other mydomain accounts to forward correctly to my ISP account or the main mydomain.com account?
  2. How do I set up my main account on DreamHost? It is somewhat confusing in the panels.
  3. How do I set up multiple accounts?
  4. Can I have these mydomain.com accounts active somehow and deactivate my ISP account?

I know that people who sent me e-mails today during the changeover had their messages bounced back.

It also appears my password is incorrect when I do the setup procedures in Apple Mail for mydomain.com, but I have made a change to the password through DreamHost - it gave me a new 6 digit/number code. So it might be taking a while for the mydomain.com mail to work.



IME you might be better keeping whatever working mail accounts you have at the existing ISP. If you have to use the DH mail system, use it only to forward mail to your existing provider. This you can do using Mail > Email Addresses to set up a catch-all address for the DH-hosted domain in question.

And when using the DH panel from mail don’t use browser Back, multiple windows or bookmarks. I suggest make one change at a time, waiting for it to take effect (up to five hours IME) and test it before making the next. The DH mail panel is tricky.