E-mail sending?

hi! Does anyone know how to send out e-mail using the dreamhost account? It’s prob. super easy, but I can’t figure it out. GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA AND TRUST IN JESUS!!!

What kind of trouble are you having? Some ISPs block the standard port (25).

So you might have to change your SMTP server (mail.yourdomain.com) to port 587.

Does that answer your question?


umm…I have no clue what you just said. lol- I can access the mail folder, and read like the e-mails…I’m just not sure how to compose an e-mail to send out from my e-mail…did that make sense? Sure hope so! Thanks! GOD BLESS YOU!

What e-mail client are you using?


what do u mean? Sorry- I may sound really clueless but I don’t know much about all this… GOD BLESS YOU!

How do you read your e-mail. Explain what you do.


ok- first I go to my dreamhost control panel…then I go to ‘web’ which is under domains…I go to ‘go’ and it shows me some folders…I open the mail folder, I press the ‘new’ folder, and read the new mail!



you can use webmail


Thank you sooo much! It worked! thanks again! GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA AND TRUST IN JESUS!!!

Is it really necessary for you to engage in religious proselytising every time you post anything on any subject?

– Dan

is it really necessary to give a crap? I think it’s just a sig fwiw.


who is this guy you call Jesus? :smiley:


[quote]is it really necessary to give a crap? I think it’s just a sig fwiw.


Pretty much my impression as well, and I’m not exactly a religious guy by any stretch of the imagination.

There’s is a fine line between proselytizing (which, like many, I really don’t care for) and simply wishing someone well in a religious manner - and I don’t think this has really crossed it.

In any case, this thread could quickly become more annoying and/or off-topic than the words in question. If it continues in this direction, I’m moving it to Off-topic Discussion.

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yeah-- that’s just like my signature signing…you know? How yall all sign your names and everything- I sign that instead! Thanks! Do you really find it necessary to prosecute a teenager? GOD BLESS YOU!

this guy I call Jesus is my Savior! Since people make a big deal about me talking about Jesus, how about e-mailing me and asking me about it @ Hunnebunch007@netscape.net <<because people I guess get offended when I talk about my Savior! Thanks! GOD BLESS YOU!!

I am not offended by your signature, but I do find ALL CAPS* in posts annoying, and posts that do not stick to the topic even more so. Feel free to evangelise and share your faith, but please do so, as Jeff/Admin has suggested, in the off-topic forum.

…or at the least, stop writing in all caps and put your -sig a few lines down from your actual message.

I’ve seen on other forums where the admins setup filters to change one word to another… hrm. :>