E-Mail Question


I’m trying to set up the e-mail for my domain, but it’s quite confusing. For instance, what is the “action” line looking for? For the e-mail, will it let me check it at the website and reply with my domain name? Or will it only forward it to my AOL e-mail address?

Can someone please help me through this? Thanks!

What exactly are you trying to do? If you mean setup an address. You click on the “address” section in the “mail” section of the control panel. Create your user (or if it’s there, you can go to edit) and you should have have a few options. One is to forward it to a mailbox, you can select your default username if you want, or don’t select anything. It sounds like you want to have mail forwarded to your AOL e-mail. To do that, you just put your email address in that second box where it says. If you want to do BOTH (ie, have mail sent to your username and have it forwarded to your email address) you just do both things. If you want to forward it to multiple email addresses, just put each email on a new line. I do this for my email I put on my resume and it ends up sending it to like 4 email addresses as well as my mailbox so I make sure I get it :slight_smile:

So is that what you wanted? or are you looking for something else?

Todd Eddy