E-mail problem


I’m having problems reciving my e-mail using OSX Mail. Everything with connecting is ok - I’m using mail.mydomain.com as servername. I can see all my mails using webmail service, but can’t get new mails to Mail.app after the date 12.12.2008.

Is there a change in servername or what could be the problem?


Are you using POP or IMAP? Are you using an old “mXXXXXX” username in Mail.app? It’s now only user@example.com


I’m using IMAP and user@example.com.

Do you have the IMAP prefix set to INBOX under advanced settings for that account in Mail.app? Have you done a Get All New Mail under the Mailbox menu? How about Synchronize? If you delete a message in Mail.app’s Inbox, does the change show up in Webmail?


IMAP prefix is set to INBOX.
If you delete a message in Mail.app’s Inbox, does the change show up in Webmail? - no

It looks like you’re using two different mail servers, assuming that Mail.app is successfully logging into a mail server.

If you can send mail from your Mac, and have an external mail account somewhere, like Gmail, send yourself a message. And do the same from Webmail.

Now start looking at the Full Headers of your messages:
• In that Gmail account for both received messages
• In Mail.app for the last message you received
• In Webmail for the last message you received

Buried in the headers will be the actual mail server. Read through some of the Recieved By hosts for any differences.


sdayman, I sent you the data with pm.


Got it. It looks like webmail and mail.app have differing opinions on which server mail.mydomain.com actually are. If a DNS refresh doesn’t clear it up, submit a ticket to Support.