E-mail overload--help

No luck so far with DH support–thought I’d try here:

A galley in NY sent me an e-mail but something went wrong with their Yahoo hosting service–I’m getting thousands of copies. I’m north of 25,000 so far. Still coming in. No response from them, either.

My mail program is bogged down. SquirrelMail keeps kicking me out.

I tried filters on the DH server but they don’t seem to have any effect.

In a separate problem, on my panel all I have is “home” and “Support”–everything else is greyed out. Tried Safari, Firefox and Explorer–same thing. Don’t know why.

The e-mail barrage has brought my computer to its knees! This has been going on for hours and hours.

Any ideas?



Darin, have you already opened a support request? Make sure that you mark it as an e-mail emergency, then it should get most attention.

There’s not much else we can help you with here from the forum. I thought about whether you can disable your email service altogether, but I don’t know if that would remove or just disable your mailboxes. If it just disables them, then you’re fine.

If it is just a forwarding address to a mailbox then you could just remove that particular address from your services. I don’t know how if it has the mailbox attached directly.

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Yes, get support on it.

I have run into this also, but no where near the extent that you are seeing. It must be a yahoo issue. I recently received a file 15 times, that was only sent once.

Yes, I put in several requests, starting almost 17 hours ago. No response yet. The mail has stopped coming–but the “inbox archiver” has automatically put 25,000 e-mails into a new folder on the server. I subscribed but when I try to connect it gives me an error. Don’t see anyway to download those messages. Need to get in there and pull out the legitimate e-mails!



Well, I hope you hear from them soon. It seems like DH support will have to take care of this mess for you. Were you able to access other control panel features before the mail onslaught? Can you get to any new mail yet?

If the rest of the web panel is greyed out then you are not logged in as a web ID that has access to the account. You should use the web ID associated with the account or add access privileges for the web ID you are using.

Also, that amount of email will almost definitely have to be handled directly on the file system through the UNIX shell. IMAP will not handle that many messages very well. If you tell us some way to identify the messages you do not want we can delete them on the command-line for you. Let our support team know.

This sort of situation is relatively complex compared to many support issues so it is not likely to be handled as quickly as some other problems.

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