E-mail Not Working

None of my Dream Host e-mail accounts are working! I can’t send or receive e-mail. Last night all my Dream Host accounts were working just fine, but not now.

I have my Dream Host e-mail accounts set up with mac mail. I haven’t changed anything at all. I can still get online just fine (Clearwire). They can’t help. I can’t afford the Apple Tech Support.

Is there something going on with Dream Host e-mail … ???

– vja4Him

According to dreamhoststatus.com, there are no recent issues. Try the webmail interface. It’s usually at webmail.EXAMPLE.COM.


There was a problem with the DreamHost server. I just received a message from DreamHost verifying that issue. They have taken care of the problem. They claim their service was only down for 30 minutes, but my e-mail was down for several hours last night.

Everything is ok this morning!

– vja4Him