E-mail not working 100%

So here’s an interesting hick-up I’ve run into with e-mails through DH(DreamHost)…

Let me start with describing a little about my setup, I am a new personal business owner, hosted my own website and set up a business dedicated e-mail address through DH. It is meant for the time being to be a simple website for a local service provider of technical expertise in my city area, my site is www.customprojectslondon.com.

On this site(‘contact’ page to be specific), I’ve designed a web based e-mail form that sends an e-mail to the dedicated one on DH, and then forwards it to my personal Gmail account, meaning the original stays on DH.

All works well, I’ve tested the form, with many possible parameters…

I just now learned that if you type in the e-mail text field of the form, any address ending with gmail.com, it will not show up in my DH e-mail account, therefore not forwarding anything to my personal gmail account.

It seems to me that they are being blocked, and i’m baffled as to why…

Can anyone help me out??!


Sounds like your contact page is sending email with the “From” field set to the email address the user entered.

Don’t do this. The user’s email address is not sending the email; your contact page is, and the From field should reflect this. If you want replies to the email you generated to go to the address the user entered, use the “Reply-To” field instead.

@ Andrew F:


You were right, problem solved, kinda weird why it would block only emails with the @gmail.com domain name…


Were you able to received email into your DH Mail account when spoofing other domains (@[notgmail].com)?