E-Mail Mirroring

Well, I have been waiting 5 hours for a reply and stumbled upon the forum so I figured I would sign-up here and see if I could get an answer to my question…

I am new to DreamHost (just signed up today) and have three domains that should all be resolving to the same webspace and have e-mail sent to the same mailboxes.

To make the example easier to follow I’ll post the three domains :

amninc.com (main domain) & amninc.net / amethystnetworks.com which should mirror for web and e-mail to amninc.com.

Currently we’re currently using Sendmail as our MTA, making use of the virtuser function.

In our virtuser table, which is a DBM file, we have entries like this:

@amninc.net %1@amninc.com
@amethystnetworks.com %1@amninc.com

What this does is take any message that comes to foo@amninc.net and foo@amethystnetworks.com and sends it to foo@amninc.com.

DreamHost Sales told me I could create a catch-all for amninc.net and amethystnetworks.com to forward to %1@amninc.com but I have yet to figure out how to do this in the Panel. (Let me clarify, I figured out where I THOUGHT I should be doing it but I get this error :


Invalid address ‘%1@amninc.com’: alias must begin with a letter, number, or the + sign
You must specify a destination address.

Please try again"

as you see…)

Is anyone else doing this sort of e-mail mirroring? If so I wonder if I need to be attempting to add this elsewhere or using a different variable in my forward entry aside from the %1.

Thanks ~

Hugh William Collier-Byrd

Amethyst Networks
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Our system doesn’t have a way to do this currently (I thought that there was a “mirror” function, but apparently, there isn’t). I do remember being asked about this by one of our support people.

Do you want to do this simply because it’s easier to maintain than 3 separate sets of aliases, or is there another reason you want to do this? If you create one set of aliases, switch to “expert” mode, and copy the results, it should be fairly painless to paste this into the boxes for the other two domains.

I believe this is technically possible with our setup, but just not implemented with our panel etc. - if I recall correctly, with Postfix, you can do:

@example.com @example.net
in a virtual map, which will redirect anything@example.com to anything@example.net.

I tested this out, and it seems to work (we’re using MySQL tables instead of flat files, but I imagine it will work the same way). It shouldn’t be hard to implement, so I’ll see if we can make a “mirror such and such domain” function in the panel.

Well of course I want to do it because its easier than updating it for multiple domains…:wink: I like technology because I can be lazier, eheheheheh.

It would be a nice added feature, but if its trouble I’ll just copy and paste the virtuser entry for my main domain to the two others.

The main reason its convenient is when you add new addresses or update addresses you don’t have to do it multiple times… (I know this is being picky but you have to admit its a pretty convenient feature…)

Anyhow, I am very impressed thusfar, the features and the cost blow away the competition.

Hugh William Collier-Byrd

Amethyst Networks
Websites, Networking, Design, & More!

Right - it’s definitely a bit easier. I’ve passed this on as a “feature request” to our development team. If this doesn’t get added within the next couple months, let me know and I’ll see if there’s a “safe” way to manually add the db entries for you without them getting clobbered somehow.

I appreciate it…:wink:

Looks like the Forums are a nice fast way to get responses. Its a big plus in my book that the users can chat with each other and find answers pretty fast here. I’ll say it again, this is the nicest virtual hosting setup I have seen to date as far as flexibility of the service / panel goes.

Keep up the good work!

Hugh William Collier-Byrd

Amethyst Networks
Websites, Networking, Design, & More!

Ahh - you CAN already do this - it’s just not in the place you’d expect. You can mirror another domain’s email service from the ‘Mail -> MX’ tab. That doesn’t make sense to me (since this has nothing to do with the MX record(s), but the feature should do what you want.

Just select:
Mirror another domain’s mail service

and then select a domain from the pulldown list.


I’ve tried to implement the same type of system this guy did a few years back. I’d like all my email to my melinger.net addresses to also go to my melinger.com addresses. I’ve selected the radio button in the MX Records page of the Mail section of the panel for “Mirror another domain’s mail service” and have waited about a week but mail to my .com domain is still bouncing. Any ideas?


I too would like to do this. The docs are missing info about mail mirroring AFAICT.