E-mail mailbox creation?

I apologize in advance for sounding stupid, but I’ve read the wiki and still have no idea what I’m doing wrong with the E-mail. I’ve tried to add addresses to my domain, and they don’t show up unless I tell it to delete any messages coming in, which kind of defeats the purpose of HAVING the account if I can’t read the mail. I’m not sure how to create a mailbox - or how it’s different than creating an address, as the links keep sending me back to the same ‘address creation’ page. Can anyone help me?

No one? Yeesh.

take it easy for a sec. a lot of us are doing other stuff, i’ll give some advice in just a bit. don’t feel ignored. lol.


It may be a browser problem. It sounds like you tried to create a mailbox, but nothing happened. Does the created mailbox show up when you’re in the Manage Email screen?

In the past while using Safari, I’d make a change, and nothing would happen. Using Firefox was successful, though.


I’m not quite sure what the difference between the mailbox and the address is, but the only one that shows up is the one I created with “deletes all without bounce.” However, three months ago when I first signed up, I did manage to create one address, but couldn’t get into the mailbox to read it. I tried to edit it - thought that would help - and ended up deleting it instead.

Oh, and I used Explorer both times.

From looking at this thread, it occurs to me that your problems might have been due to the fact the Control Panel has been “acting up”. Dreamhoststatus.com has reported various “up”/“down”/“broken” issues with the panel since around 10:00 PM PDT (GMT-8) on the 13th, and those problems continued to a greater or lesseer degree until the evening of the 16th.

The main difference, is that a “mailbox” is an actual email account on the Dreamhost system that provides POP3/IMAP functionality, disk storage for mail, etc., while an “address” is just an “address” that can be associated with a “mailbox” or can be handled in other ways, such as forwarding, bouncing, etc.

Whever a mailbox is created, it has an address asigned to it, but an address can be created without having an associated mailbox.

Now that the panel has settled down, I’d suggest trying again, very carefully reading each screen, and see if you still have problems.


sigh of relief Ahhhh, now it makes a bit more sense. Thanks so much, Parker, I’ll try it again. ^^

sigh No dice - it did the exact same thing it has been. Even editing the existing ‘deletes all’ mailbox to a readable one doesn’t work, it just takes me back to the “Manage E-mail” page without doing any of the edits.

As an update, apparently the DH staff haven’t gotten to my question yet - though they did send a nice little note saying they know it’s been 24 hours, and they’re backed up. That was nice, actually.

twiddles thumbs Gah, still no working.

I’m sorry, at this point I can’t really tell what may be the cause of the problems you are having, and to keep “guessing” is likely to only increase your frustration.

When I checked earlier today, DH had over 1100 pending tech support requests, which no doubt explains why you have not uet received a reply; as hard as it is to wait, you probably will do need to hear back from support, as there may be something “borked” with your account. :frowning:


Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like on the page where you create the emails…under Mailbox Login, are you generating a new one?

here is one of mine, when I create an email.

My Add An Email Address Page

That is a great idea, and would sure make it easier to tell/describe what is going on! You Rock!


happy dance That’s a great idea, For! saves screenshot Sorry to be a pest about this, I know the DH staff are busy - just wanted to get my site working before the weekend, and need the E-mail addies set up right to do it.

Screenshot of my E-mail creation page

From what I can tell from your page, they’re exactly the same - but when I click the “create address” button on the bottom, it just goes back to the manage E-mail page without creating the new addy.

And as a sidenote, apparently my support form got answered - they removed the stupid ‘delete without bounce’ box and started a new one labeled “testing” - but I still can’t create a new addy. Now even the ‘delete without bounce’ option results in just going back to the manage E-mail page.

Just thought I’d let people know that it was apparently a browser problem - I downloaded and installed Firefox, which created a new addy/box with no problems at all. Gonna be a pain in the ass to switch browsers every time I need to make an addy, but I’ll live with it. Thanks to everyone who tried to help!

Hmmm, that sounds familiar. Didja even read my post way up there? I feel so unloved.


How do you see how many outstanding requests need response?

It’s at the bottom of the Contact Support page. You’ll see all the services options (SQL, mail, HTTP, etc.) down the screen, and the Contact Form at the very bottom. The # of requests is at the top of that form.