E-mail list questions


I want to add a feature to my site so that visitors can provide an e-mail address to receive news items from our museum. I’d like to set this up so that I can provide links at the bottom of the messages that allow subscribers to unsubscribe or change their e-mail address.

I would like this list to allow only a specific set of e-mail addresses to send messages to it so that members of my staff can put together the messages and just mail them to this address. The messages will certainly be “html messages” with picture, etc.

I’ve looked at the Announcement Mailing List Wiki as well as the very meager information on Discussion Lists. It looks like an Announcement List will not work because of the requirement to create messages in the Panel. A moderated Discussion List might do the trick, but there is so little information available that I cannot tell.

Can I accomplish these goals using DH tools or do I need to be looking elsewhere (such as ConstantContact or PatronMail)?


DreamHost Announcement Lists are the feature you’re looking for. There’s currently no way to post to an Announcement List via email, but you can grant other users posting access via the DreamHost Panel here:



Thanks, Andrew! I did not realize that I could grant limited access like this. I’m going to review the wiki on users (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Account_Privileges) and see what else I’ve missed!