E-mail junk folder, plans to change?


Are there plans to change the way spam filter works on dreamhost? Will it be possible to use another webmail without losing the junk filter option?

I know that there is an open suggestion and i already votted on it, but i don’t thing that this i going to change soon :frowning:

You can use RoundCube while retaining junk filter control. I’ve done this:

  1. Rename webmail from webmail.mydomain.com to wmail.mydomain.com
  2. Wait a day or so for DNS to clear
  3. Set up a fully hosted subdomain of webmail.mydomain.com
  4. Install RoundCube


Sorry, but i didn’t understood exactly what you told me.

Do you mean that roundcube can access the junk folder or that i can control the spam using roundcube?

Thanks for the answer.

RoundCube’s a much nicer webmail client, but it can’t look at DreamHost’s spam folder, or change the settings. That’s why I recommend that you keep SquirrelMail under a different URL for spam control purposes. It’s a bit of a hassle, but if you really hate SquirrelMail for your day to day webmail, use Webmail for that.


Well, I have installed my own copy of squirrelmail. I really enjoy it now that i have coded some stuff to it and installed a bunch of plugins.

But i still can’t access the junk mail folder :frowning:

I would really enjoy if dreamhost change this. As far as i know it’s not hard.

I do notice that Junk Mail has an interesting link:

Is that workable in your own SquirrelMail install?


I guess not.

This plugin is avaible here http://squirrelmail.org/plugin_download.php?id=224&rev=1198

It works like this, all the users preferences are stored in a db and if a message is suspicious it is also putted in quarantine on db (that’s why we can’t access this from another webmails). But i guess dreamhost won’t give me access to their database in order to my plugin connect there.