E-mail Issues

Hello All,

Anyone else having e-mail issues today.

Unable to send at all now. Started out only large attachments but now it is anything.

I have better luck. Mine is fine :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had the same problem 7hours ago… Now it’s ok.

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I haven’t been able to access my email and webmail for the past 12+ hours.

We haven’t had working client email yet, and now even webmail is down.



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No consistent e-mail for 48 hours now. Any way to contact these clowns about getting real support?

That’s a good question.

I can send mail using smtp from a client program to our own domain, but the same email sent outside of the domain gets 550’d (user unknown in virtual alias table). The same email sent via webmail gets through.

Clearly there is some sort of configuration issue with the mail servers.

The case with support just languishes.

– Tony

Advance Web Marketing
Online Marketing
Industrial Strength TYPO3 Content Management

Same here! Webmail fails with an error message about the IMAP server. They have screwed up some configuration!!

Yep things are bad for sure. Hope they have some good fixes. I want this to be resolved once and for all. Currently cant reach the mail server for all my domains and also the webmail times out. This has been part of a string of problems related to e-mail. From issues with the spam assassin junk filter and more that have been brought up in these forums over the last two months.

I have run out of creative ways to tell my clients to be patient and that this is just a bad tech quarter so far. I hope they get this resolved cause I dont trust anyone frankly. I may just decide to stop doing this (building websites for people)and go flip burgers instead.



I’ve been in your position and shared your sentiment!



Seriously, don’t wait for a fix “once and for all”. It won’t happen. I’ve said it before in the above threads, email reliability is a particularly sore point for DH.

Good luck.