E-mail Forwarding

I just moved moved over to DreamHost and have a question regarding e-mail forwarding.

Where I was before I could forward my mail to a different email address and it was like I was moving it. Once the mail was forwarded it was deleted from my server.

I still want to use the forwarding function but once forwarded the email is still in my inbox on DreamHost.

Is there a way to have it be deleted once forwarded?

It would take to long to explain why I want this… maybe it would suffice to say, I live in China.

Thank You!

May I live my life so the WORTH of my life far outlasts the YEARS of my life!

Use “Forward-Only Email” option to create any email you want it as forwarding account.

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As the other poster hinted, you’ll have to switch to Forward-Only mail.

In the panel, go to Manage Email and click on Edit for that address. The top section is Fully Hosted Email, which will be tagged as Active. Scroll down and make your changes to Forward Only and then click on the “Forward to These Addresses!” button. After a few minutes, that should become the Active setting.