E-mail down for 2 1/2 days

E-mail for two e-mail address (primary business addresses) have been down since at least Sunday morning. Only commonality (different domains) is that they appear in the same default unix froup. Other addresses on domain on different groups are fine. Any suggestions to get e-mail back up and retrieve e-mail sent during the last few days?

To date, despite paying for phone service and 13+ posts to the customer service panel - my email remains down and I have had no response or call. I have been a DH customer since 1998 - probably won’t make it to 2010.

First thing I’d do is refresh the system by going into Manage Domains and hitting the Fully Host button on the affected domains again. You might be lucky and be able to see your missing mail via a webmail login at mail.dreamhost.com or roundcube.dreamhost.com

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