E-mail difficulties


Hi all,

for the past few weeks I’ve had difficulties in sending e-mails to my dreamhost account. (chris@linearlink.ca) Firstly, e-mail clients can’t connect to it even though I’ve entered the appropriate incoming/outgoing mail sever information, password etc. And secondly when I try to send e-mails to the account from various mail clients, they just bounce back. I’ve managed to login via the SquirrelMail and successfully send mail through it but never receive anything. In my webpannel, under the “Manage Email” tab, my e-mail address and name has a line through it, I don’t know if thats bad or normal.

Anyone have an idea as to what misstep’s I’ve made?



Did it used to work here? Have you changed anything?

As a refresher, have you read the Wiki?



Unfortunately it never used to work. I haven’t touched anything in the settings panel. Any of the information I input into my mail clients (the Thunderbird one you linked me to for example) always come back with messages like “cannot log into mail server” or “Mail server mail.linearlink.ca is not an IMAP4 mail server.”

I created my account with Netfirms, but switched over DreamHost for hosting duties, although even at Netfirms it never worked and I never touched any settings there either. It’s just bizzare how it never seems to work.

In the last few days I haven’t been able to even login to my personal panel from three separate computers. Don’t know if somethings up on DreamHosts’ end but I searched through other forums and noticed this is a persistent problem with some users.