E-mail: Catch-many as opposed to catch-all


I would like to set up a method for all e-mails sent to addresses beginning with a particular string to be sent to a particular account. In other words, I want all e-mail sent to addresses matching the regex “sample-.*@mydomain.com” to forward to the account "sample@mydomain.com". Is there a way to do this?

(Pardon any syntax problems with the regex, but hopefully that gets across the idea.)

Thanks in advance,


There are two duplicate suggestions you can vote for:

Allow “semi-catch-all” emails like “sales-*@domain.com”.
(in the “Mail - Addresses” category)

Allow support for “plus”-style email addresses: user+anything@domain.com goes to user@domain.com.
(miscategorized in the “Mail - Filters and Spam” category)

Please do vote for one or both, I’d like to see this implemented myself.

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