E-mail/Calendar Question


Greetings, everyone.

I might be chewing off a little bit more than I wanted to, but I have a question before I sort out alternative solutions.

I have a DH website. I run a small business, so I double as the IT guy. We use Outlook as our e-mail software. E-mails sync perfectly between all my partners and employees devices, but I haven’t figured out how to get our calendars syncing to our devices (Android for phones, IOS for tablets). My understanding is that I need an Exchange Server? Or some other 3rd Party software, like AkrutoSync. Or am not fully understanding the concept?

Thank you for the guidance!


Yes, you are right!
You need to have either Exchange server or Akruto on your PC to sync Outlook data across all these smartphones and tablets. Here are some guides for iOS and Android:


Thank you, NatGr! I’ll definitely get on top of those guides tomorrow.