E-mail broken again?

I can’t seem to retrieve my e-mail, either through a mail program or the webmail interface. Are the DH mail servers down again?

– Dan

G’day, Dan. Everything seems to be working for me: I can retrieve and send mail just fine.

Hmm… not sure if this is normal though: I have noticed that one e-mail–the firsts of four e-mails I sent this morning–took hours longer than the rest to reach its destination, the others arrived within seconds.

Cheers -


Mine is down…no e-mails getting through and e-mails sent are bouncing back…my squirrelmail interface is down as well :frowning:


I’m not having any problems with POP3 or webmail email, so the problem may be confined to your particular mail server.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

thanks, simon…time to send a support ticket :slight_smile: