E-mail bouncing

I have a POP e-mail account whose e-mail messages are being bounced by Yahoo! as not a recognized user by the Postfix program at decker.dreamhost.com. This problem is intermittent, usually the account works fine. The problem is of course, that as soon as Yahoo! receives the invalid e-mail address bounce-back, the e-mail/account gets dropped from the Yahoo! Groups. Highly annoying. What is decker.dreamhost.com, and why is it doing this?



[quote]What is decker.dreamhost.com


One of DH’s many mailservers TMK.

[quote]and why is it doing this?


I got the same problem a few days ago and Support said it was due to a mailserver outage. Since never in my experience does mail server outage cause false rejections (as opposed to just delay), and such unreliability would be a serious problem for me, I asked Support for clarification and await their reponse.