E-mail Autoforward

I have a question about auto-forwarding of E-mail. Is it possible to send a message to an E-mail address, and have it be automatically forwarded to a couple dozen addresses automatically?

My wife is running in the Boston Marathon in a couple weeks. The BAA will E-mail/Text-Message runners times every 5 miles or so. My wife now has a list of a couple dozen friends who want to get these E-mails. The BAA will only send these updates to a couple of addresses.

If I could autoforward to a distribution list, then I could create a new E-mail address for the results to be sent to.


You’re right you can autoforward to at least 31 addresses. I created a distribution list from my E-mail program, cut and paste it into the forwarding address box…

I never would have thought the forwarding address could be an entire list.

The SPAM issue is a good one to bring up, although I’m certain it won’t be an issue with my wife’s family and running friends. We’re not sending it to the entire world (it just seems that way), just to the people that she would forward the results to anyway.