E-mail auto-responder oddity

Perhaps this has been covered in another post, but I had an interesting experience setting/modifying/resetting an e-mail auto-responder today.

I originally used the e-mail manager to set an auto-responder on a single email account. I checked its function with a couple of test messages - OK.

My client requested changes to the auto-responder message, which I made. Subsequent tests of the mailbox resulted in no auto-responder messages.

I then unset/reset the auto-responder flag (a check-box on the management page) and again got auto-responder messages.

Conclusion: editing the auto-responder text while the auto-responder flag is ‘set’ will turn off the auto-responder, regardless of status of auto-responder flag. Only a reset/set of the auto-responder flag will bring it back to life.

Anyone seen this before?