I’m trying to find a way to configure the MyDNS Access to allow me to easily access the Databases from either my Home or Work Computer.

now I know I can assign the ip addresses xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx% (% because my login attempts come in as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-ip.provider.info)

But I’ve got a dynamic IP Address both at home & work, so either I have to constantly check the IP Address and modify them for all accounts I wish, or just use the web interface (not really what I want)

Is their a way to configure it with DynDNS ?
When I ping mydomain.dyndns.net I get my current IP Address, but the login attempts return the error username@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-ip.provider.info


Sounds like a Proxy with a static IP that you can tunnel through from anywhere might be a solution.


You could also create an A record on one of your domains such as mydynamicIP.mydomain.com and then whitelist mydynamicIP.mydomain.com

Next jump over to this spot in the wiki http://wiki.dreamhost.com/API_Apps#DNS and pick one of the apps. I’ve actually only used one of those and I’ve stopped using it because I don’t need it anymore, so I won’t vouch for one over another. In this step you will also have to set up an API key in the panel, I’d make a new one even if you already have one and limit it to only the DNS commands.


That won’t work, LakeRat — MySQL authentication is based off of reverse DNS; creating a forward record doesn’t affect that.

If you really do have users logging in from anywhere and everywhere, you’ll probably just have to grit your teeth and allow access from “%” (any IP).