Dynamic sub directory redirects?

This is more of a is-this-possible post
I’d like to be able to set up a dynamic sub directory for my web site, so if a user visits
http://USERNAME.globalbookmark.com the web site redirects them to http://globalbookmark.com/public.php?uname=USERNAME
The best example I have of this is “*.isgay.com” (Warning: NSFW - hardcore pron popups). With this page, you type in the name of your victim followed by .isgay.com and it puts out a fake news post explaining that the victim has been discovered engaging in homosexual activity (childish, I know)
Is there any way I can do what I want to do with dreamhost?

I don’t think Dreamhost supports global wildcard subdomains like this. You’d have to set up each individual name you want as a redirected subdomain.

– Dan