Dynamic DNS?


I am wondering if it is possible to create a Dynamic DNS subdomain to point to my pc so I can have a web domain constantly pointing to my pc. I currently have this working using DynDNS but I would like it to be available from within my own domain. At the minute each time I connect to the internet it automatically updats the DynDNS entry to my current IP through a feature built in to my router. Does anyone know how to set this up? I have a feeling it might not be possible but I thought it was worth asking.


Can’t pull this off here.

Are you using cable or DSL? My cable IP address rarely changes, and I understand it’s the same with DSL. In that case, you can just manually update your domain’s DNS each time your IP address changes.


DSL. The domain doesn’t change all that often but I’m away from the computer for 11 weeks at a time. I mainly use it to access my home computer while at uni but I think I’ll just stick with my DynDNS then because I pretty much rely on the dynamic updating.


Alternatively, you could set up a cname record to point at your dyndns address. That works fine for me – I can test multiple websites with a testing server I have at home.

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You can take a more manual approach and have your home computer periodically log its IP address somehow. Either a morning email which will have headers containing its IP address, or some script that updates a file on your domain that’ll contain its IP address, or even create a specific webpage on your site that does a refresh every 6 or so hours so you can look in your logfile for the originating IP address. I’m not sure if a refresh will come up in the log, though.

If the IP address changes, then you can manually update your DNS entry.


some DNS managers allow u to use dinamic IP.
No-ip charges for it.
either u go with the idea of using cnames, or u point one of your subdomains to zoneedit.com (my favorite DNS manager) and let them handle your dyn-ip.

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