Dynamic DNS shell script


I’m using an old computer at home as a web server and has created a subdomain for it in the DNS settings. Since the computer is old and runs an old version of Mac OS, I can’t run curl or anything similar to update the DNS record.

I have an SSH client and wants to use the SSH method from the wiki.

Let’s say I have subdomain.domain.tld. Then I’m using these settings:


But when I’m running the script on the server (at DH) I get these messages:

IP address changed from (no cache) to; updating.
Loading Dreamhost Web Admin Panel…
Logging in to Dreamhost Web Admin Panel…
Retrieving domain management page…
copland.sh: line 54: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'
copland.sh: line 55: syntax error: unexpected end of file

Any ideas?

I’m probably stating the obvious, but from what I can tell the domain management page is not matching the regexp in the call to sed.

Sounds like someone needs to modify the regexp or improve upon the logic.

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