Dynamic DNS Service

I know there is a python-based script that uses the DreamHost API to simulate dynamic DNS, however, I was wondering if there is ever going to be a true dynamic DNS update service (free or pay at a reasonable price).

I’d be very interested in transferring another domain for hosting, but I would like to delegate a subdomain for dynamic DNS updates.

It would be even better if the update mechanism was a simple http/https request, something that could be accomplished via a simple curl call using http authentication and specific dynamic DNS update credentials rather than existing administration/control panel credentials.

Thank you for your time.

I use the PHP script from the Wiki hosted on an endpoint in my shared hosting. This exposes a simple HTTP endpoint which can be called from anything. (I have a script on my router which periodically calls it.)

The Wiki page is here:

For bonus points, you can use the new Let’s Encrypt feature to secure the endpoint with SSL, making it less likely for the password to be leaked.

It would be nice if DreamHost allowed you to change the TTL on a per-host basis.

I didn’t know there was a PHP script and that it could be hosted on DreamHost. This might work for me. It would be nice if the TTL was configurable, but my IP doesn’t change that often so the default TTL (I think it’s 4 hours) might be good enough for me.

Would still be interested in paid DDNS though. Thanks for the heads up!