Dynamic DNS Questions (fully-hosted domains)

I’ve been searching the archives for help with this issue, but so far, I’ve only found threads that are peripherally related and not specific enough to what I would like to know how to do. I’m still looking for a solution, but maybe somebody else already knows the answer to my question.

I currently have a bunch of domains fully hosted on my DH account. I would like to point my domains to a server here at my location.

I have found instructions on how to do this with a subdomain and a dynamic DNS script, app, or provider. Fair enough.

But what I would like to do is point my TLDs to my home server as the primary DNS, but then have them revert to the fully-hosted website directories on my DH account if/when the home server goes down temporarily or otherwise cannot be located. So, I’d like to use DH ip addresses as the backup routing, not the primary.

But I want to do this for the top-level domains, not merely for subdomains.

Can I change the primary DNS to my own IP addresses, then put Dreamhost as a secondary or tertiary DNS, so visitors to my domains will see the content I have hosted on my machine unless there is a glitch, at which time they would be automatically redirected to a limited mirror of the sites that live at Dreamhost?

If I understand correctly, you probably need a load balancer or some other sort of fail-over mechanism. Basically you want to have two web servers: ServerA hosted on your network, with IP and another server, with identical content on DreamHost IP. And you want to have a way to tell the DNS server: use when it’s available, and if that IP doesn’t respond within 30ms, use DreamHost IP.

Is that it? I don’t think you can do that with stock DNS configuration at DreamHost but you may ask Support if they can help you in some ways. Then let us know how that conversation goes.

OK. Very useful and much appreciated. Thanks for the information.