Dynamic DNS Control

Having read through the posts in the forums and Dreamhost’s Wiki, I still have a questions;

I’m going to use home1.mydomain.com to point to my MacBook and home2.mydomain.com to point to my iMac.

I will be using the scripts mentioned here.

That’s for my Mac’s, only I use NAT on my Airport Extreme router, so not sure if I’d need to use one of the other scripts below?

I’d run each script on my Mac in the Mac’s crontab to update my DNS settings on Dreamhost with my external IP address. That does that right? I think it discussed updating it with an internal IP too, but since I’ll be using different ports for VNC and AFP for each Mac, I need not worry about that, I’ll take care of the port redirection within the router itself.

I understand that the TTL is around 4 hours for the changes and that is sufficient for me. My external IP address will likely only change every 6-9 months so I am sure I can put up with 4 hours of possible un-usability every 6-9 months ha ha!

The only reason I want to do it this was, is because I’m some privacy freak and really dislike using 3rd parties where there are 1st and 2nd party solutions.

I will also be running a small server at home behind the router, as a SIP server, which I will do the same as above for voip.mydomain.com and for this, I’ll need to use the script for UNIX behind a NAT router, if my SIP server is running a Linux distribution, right?

In short:

Which exact scripts will I need to use for: my Mac behind a NAT router and a Linux installation behind a NAT router.

I’d also like to point out, one of those scripts in the Wiki, avoids the use of an external service to find the IP address. I’d really prefer to avoid such an external service, but not sure if I can using that script given?

Also, does any of the above scream “that’s crazy and shouldn’t be done” or “he’ll have more problems than it’s worth” to you? Once again, I just really don’t like using 3rd party services where possible and the remote access to my Macs is only very infrequent, if even less than twice a week.

The only concern I have is my SIP server I am going to setup. I’d be using SIP a good deal and apart from the 4 hours TTL when my ISP IP address changes every 6 months or so, I don’t think I’d have any problems. But am I missing something? I couldn’t possibly be with my iPhone and not be able to get my SIP calls, the world would end. sarcasm I just really don’t want to do something that’s going to be more harm than good.

Sorry if these are more statements than questions. I’m thinking allowed and just hoping someone will tell me “Yes, that can be done.”