I am new to DreamHost and I switched because I need to install MathTex. The creator of MathTex is on DreamHost and the package appeared better than my previous shared hosting package. I’m still deciding if I’ll stay with DreamHost and this would go a long way.

MathTex (http://www.forkosh.com/mathtex.html) requires a latex package and dvipng. DreamHost already has latex but not dvipng. In order to compile dvipng you need libgd and libkpathsea. Both of which are available at /usr/lib and /usr/include. However, the configure command for dvipng consistently returns the error can’t find/use libkpathsea.

I have not put dvipng under the texmf tree (not sure where this would go but I assume top level). I have simply tried to compile under one of my domain folders.

Thank you, in advance, for your help

Anyone know of a solution?


You using the Sourceforge version of dvipng or a customised jobbie?

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The MathTex instructions are here:

In those instructions they point me to this dvipng:

This does not appear to be a sourceforge version. I had not thought about attempting to find another version since this is the one MathTex sends me to. (And Forkosh is on DreamHost so I figure he’s providing links to packages that worked in his account.)

Having looked up SourceForge’s version it looks like the person updating SourveForge is also in charge of the site I pointed you to above. However, the latest version I saw on their site was 1.9 while SourceForge has a 1.12 version.

I will be trying to install this new version this afternoon but, being new to this, I’m always eager to hear recommendations.



Easy way out :stuck_out_tongue:


cc mathtex.c \ –DLATEX=\"$(which latex)\" \ –DDVIPS=\"$(which dvips)\" \ –DCONVERT=\"$(which convert)\" \ –o mathtex.cgi

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Hey thanks for the quick response.

My site has a lot of latex calls so when John Forkosh stated that dvipng was easily twice as fast I really wanted to get that working.

Ultimately I found a way to get texlive installed under my domain. texlive includes both latex and dvipng. So once I got texlive installed it was really easy to get MathTex working.

The texlive instructions suggested certain directories be used for the installation. I could never get the installation to work under the directories that the texlive instructions suggested. Ultimately I did get texlive installed under my domain easily with their instructions.

I wrote up the instructions and put them on HubPages here:


Yeah, I thought the speed increase was the reason for wanting dvipng. Can you elaborate on why it was necessary to install texlive into a domain directory rather than the user’s root?

That’s a good article you’ve written. Have you considered offering an option for per-month charges as well? I think the going rate on VPS is around $10 per 100MB, in which case a couple of monthly subscribers could see your service on a self-funding VPS in quick order.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost