Dvd to avi conversion for flash video



Hi, I have a client who has dvd files he needs to convert to avi so they can be converted to .flv files for the flash media server here on dreamhost. we have seen some nightmares when it comes to the conversion between dvd and avi, (mostly due to codex’s and compression messing with the files.)

We have vendors willing to do the conversions (they use both final cut pro and adobe premiere.)

Does anyone know the best settings for them to use in order to get the best video format? A sort of formula. Or is there something someone can recommend. our video formats are generally the smaller sized 320x240 and the one just above in size to that one. These AVI files tend to be big. Is there another recommendation (like .mov files uncompressed or something?)

thanks in advance


Your ‘vendors’ should know what they’re doing :wink:

There is no overall magic formula when compressing video from one format to another then converting again to another. Each stage introduces more and more loss. You’ll get good results using MPEG-II or MPEG-4 for VOB to AVI conversion if filesizes are your prime consideration.

Assuming a 720x480 @ 29.97 fps + 48000Hz 192kbs AC3 DVD source (‘Hollywood’ studio quality)

Resize to 320x240 Video @1008 kbps + Audio @22050Hz 96kbs MP3
~6 mins high quality constant bitrate content per 50MB.

If you have resources to spare on your PC you could allow your conversion process to go through multiple passes and vary the video bitrate between fast and slow motion scenes which will give you a cleaner overall final product for the same filesize.

The tradeoff here being it will take 2-4 times longer to convert.