Duplicate messages dropped?

I’ve noticed that dreamhost seems to be dropping duplicate messages to the catch-all mailbox at my domain. For example, if I do:

[yoda]$ /usr/sbin/sendmail test1@mydomain.net test2@domain.net
From: Testing test1@mydomain.net
To: Test1 test1@mydomain.net, Test2 test2@mydomain.net
Subject: testing if dreamhost drops one of these


…then wait a few seconds, and check my catch-all inbox, only one of the messages will arrive. Has anybody else seen this?

I don’t use catch-alls, but you may want to consider Rule 3 of using DH’s junk filter. They do make a good point about catch-alls. “You may not have a “catch-all” set up at a domain that you want to use the Junk Filter with. Catch-alls just generate too much junk mail!” And, they really do.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

[quote]Catch-alls just generate too much junk mail!" And, they really do.


Not here. They may indeed generate too much junk mail for the DH Junk Filter, but they don’t generate too much mail for these mailboxes or non-DH junk filters.

I’ve seen this also, and I think it applies to other addresses as well. (If 2 addresses expand to the same thing, the message is only delivered once.)

It does apply to others as well i.e. has nothing specifically to do with catch-alls. The system drops any duplicates going to the same mailbox.