Dumped core files?


Does anyone else happen upon core dump files within their user directories from time to time?

I just got another today that was close to 10MB, I think the largest I ever got was 60 or 90 if I recall, that freaked me out a little as I had no idea what it was at the time and just saw a 90MB ominous looking CORE file in my web directory one day…

Should these be reported to supoprt you reckon or just deleted or what?



I just stumbled upon one of these in my images directory. It’s huge at 11MB. What is up with these? Jason, did you ever find out or contact support about this?


If a program dies then the OS tries to be helpful by producing a core dump of what is currently going on in memory and throughout the system.
Unless you want to study it I suggest you remove it. Sometimes a cron is run daily to mop up these core dumps. No need to worry about them.



Thanks a lot, Norm. I deleted it.