Dumb Domain Question


My name is WebHubbell. I wrote a book about BBQ. Book is called Web’s BBQ Meats.

I have the domain www.WebHubbell.com. I also have the domain wwwWebsBBQMeats.com

(I don’t really, but play along.)

My publisher asked me to post some recipes and include the website in my book. My book is due tomorrow. My website for the book is months away. I need to provide a URL in the book, so it can be printed now. Then, months from now, that URL has to link to these recipes.

So, my question is…If I write in my book, “Go to www.WebsBBQMeats.com/recipes” will a web designer be able to make that URL work? Or will that backslash screw things up? I expect to have other categories like “author bio” “excerpt” etc. Just trying to figure something out in advance so that my web designer later doesn’t say, “I can’t put recipes on a URL like that!”

Any help or advice would be most appreciated.

the most important aspect of this is making sure that you own the domain websbbqmeats.com now before you go to press. From that http://www.websbbqmeats.com/recipes can be made to work. If your web designer says he can’t then come back here, because it can be done.

FWIW: /recipes is preceded by a forward slash / A backslash looks like \ and will NOT work to proceed /recipes.

LakeRat, you helped me a month ago, so I trust you! I do have my domain secure. But let me ask you another question, since you have an impeccable track record with me.

Suppose I also have another book from a few years ago. Web’s Awesome Chicken. And I already have a website, www.websawesomechicken.com

Since I’m turning into a prolific BBQ celebrity, I’m creating a few websites now. Would I be better off consolidating everything under www.webhubbell.com, and have the titles of my barbecue books contained within that domain? Is it too late to move that websawesomechicken.com into webhubbell.com?

Just wondering what you’d do in Web’s shoes.

i would consolidate everything under webhubbell.com, because the more traffic a website gets the better it’s google page ranking. Why divide the categories into separate websites, when traffic to one could help the other’s rankings.

That said you may want to toss around the basic schema for your URL’s with an eye to the future.

or something like that.

Now what do you do with http://www.websbbqmeats.com and http://www.websawesomechicken.com? either redirect them to the top of webhubbell.com or do something like

http://www.websbbqmeats.com redirects to webhubbell.com/meats
http://www.websawesomechicken.com redirects to something like webhubbell.com/recipes/chicken

Personally I disable the “www” portion of the domain name everywhere but it’s a matter of personal preference whether you have www or don’t have it as part of the URL. The one thing you want to make sure whichever option you pick only one works, and the other re-directs. In other words, you don’t want http://webhubbell.com and http://www.webhubbell.com to both work and serve the same content. You do want them to both work, but if someone types webhubbell.com you would want them to redirect to www.webhubbell.com rather than serving the same page from both webhubbell.com and www.webhubbell.com.

Thanks, LakeRat, once again. Very helpful.