Hi All,

I have written up a quick guide on installing the DSPAM spam filter on DH servers. I recently installed it, and decided to document the process because most docs I found were not very helpful.

DSPAM is a statistical filtering program that will do wonders for your inbox. The authors advertise great accuracy w/o false positives. It is also fairly easy to get working well, unlike my experience with SpamAssassin.


Excellent Job Rusty,

When time permits I am going to undertake installing this or I may just wait pending DH own upgrade of Spaming tools, due to be in beta soon :slight_smile:

Hi Rusty!
I’ve read your setup instructions through so far and I’m looking forward to implementing DSpam myself, but something seems to be missing:

  • how to create a table (I recall that I can do this by logging in at the newly created hostname, but you could add this to the instructions.)
  • suggest a good (valid) name for the table

Further down, there are two .sh scripts “and don’t forget to make them executable.” For the memory-challenged among us, could you add the command for that as well? (edit: found it later in the docs: it’s “chmod -x filename”)

The documentation is just for de-spamming one mailbox; the domain owner’s. Fair enough, as he/she will probably get most of the spam. What would it take to persuade you to describe a mutli-user installation as well?