Anyone have experience trying to install the latest version? Are DH’s mysql perms. too restrictive?



I have installed Drupal 4.7 on two different domains in the last week and installation was smooth as can be… no problems.

I haven’t created a lot of content because I’m more focused on figuring out the byzantine templating system right now, but everything seems to be okay.

If you haven’t checked it out, there is a guide in the wiki on getting Drupal up and running in the Dreamhost environment. I found it very helpful.


I’m curious, what Mysql permissions are you refering to?

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I’m running 3 drupal-based sites on DH with no problems. 2 of them have been upgraded to 4.7.

If you’re having trouble with MySQL, remember that the hostname is NOT ‘localhost’, which is what most of Drupal’s samples use. You need to explicitly specify the host name you set up (usually something like mysql.example.com), so your database setting should be something like:

$db_url = ‘mysql://user:pass@mysql.example.com/example’;


I’ve gone through the steps of setting up and configuring several smaller Drupal sites, both 4.6, 4.7 and one 4.6 that I upgraded to 4.7. Two are live, public-facing sites with happy customers although they are somewhat modest in scale. I’m also a huge fan of VB Drupal. I’m hoping to deploy something larger scale within the next couple of months.

The biggest problems I’ve had with Drupal is lack of CRM and core IT features such as email which is hardly Drupal’s fault. The biggest frustration for me was learning how to architect a good taxonomy, but on the plus side that does NOT affect the end-user’s experience of the site, once it’s structured the way you want it. Overall, coming from someoone who has dabbled most of the other CMS platforms out there, this one is highly recommended.