Drupal website is slow

Hi. I have install Drupal 7 and it was running fine until the past few months. Now the pages pause a while before loading.

From tech support:

[quote]The process “php5.cgi” was using up too much resources.
The Process Watcher daemon keeps the CPU/memory load balanced for all users on the server. Unfortunately, while we can’t change the settings on that, there are ways to reduce the CPU and memory footprint of your site.[/quote]

I have turned on caching setting and upgraded to php 5.35 from 5.2
I don’t think my site will benefit from boost module or the others because it doesn’t have many visits.

Any suggestion on how to view CPU/Memory usage with more details than just “php5.cgi”. I need to find out which scripts or modules use the most processing.
How long does throttling last?

there’s no throttling that I’m aware of. i think DH avoids that with the Process Watcher daemon. Your process simply gets killed if it uses too much RAM or takes too long.

That being said, you can turn on resource reporting in the panel to check your usage. It’s not the best reporting though. It’s just a few text files that you’ll need to parse yourself. They are created per user, so if you have more than one site per user, they won’t be very useful to you. Make sure your site is running as a separate user and turn on the reporting in the panel. Then check the logs/resources directory after a day or so. The itemised version doesn’t seem to be updated in real time, so it’s not extremely useful. You could still turn a module on / off for a day and compare with another day.
Actually, it looks like DH uses the standard acct utilities to create the resource logs, but they have disabled access to lastcomm (likely for security reasons) so it’s not possible to check your usage in real time. Does anyone know of a better way to measure the resource impact of changes? DH, any change of creating a script that would give limited real-time access to your accounting utilities?