Drupal vs WYSIWYG/ integrating issues

Well i signed up with dreamhost not too long ago. The problem i’m having is whether i should use a wysiwyg editor or drupal. If i use drupal how do you integrate it with the website? I’ve been watching some videos on drupal and it doesn’t seem hard to install. Not lazy just want to add users to the site, let them upload things, and try to sell things. They say drupal would be good to have.[hr]
If drupal can’t do all those things can someone let me know the html to do these things

Drupal works very well in DH

Whether or not to use a wysiwyg editor or drupal depends on your requirements. I’ll suggest you to create a free subdomain and install drupal on it. Play it and see whether it suits your needs.

i know this is a noob question but what will it do if its on a subdomain? will i be able to integrate it with the website smoothly?

What I meant is to try Drupal on a subdomain which can be totally separated from your main domain. If you are satisfied with Drupal, then you can integrate it on your main domain.