Drupal - VPS mySQL

We’ve got a drupal multi-site install hosted on a non-profit account.
As you may have guessed, our site is a little sluggish, and not from server load.
We were wondering whether it might be time for VPS services, especially since
DH seems to be pushing it right now.

I’m thinking it might be worth trying just the VPS mySQL service first and let our
current box host the drupal files. Considering that non-profit hosting is supposed
to be equivalent to a business account, I suspect the server should be fast enough

Any feedback or suggestions?

You’ll probably get better results from a web PS than a MySQL PS. On our servers, software like Drupal tends to be primarily limited by the overhead of loading all of its PHP files, not by the database access.

The only benefits business accounts got you were more features; not performance. I’m no Drupal expert, but there may be some ways to performance-tune Drupal, such as caching.